Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter) AMT500

  • Easy Operation make you use it easily
  • Widely applied to quality control of plastic and printing industries
  • Display directly color difference by △E*ab, CIE_L*a*b, △L*a*b, CIE_L*c*h
  • Standard deviation within △E*ab0.2 (Test condition: choose average values by 12 pcs white tabula)
  • Measure any color of smooth surface
  • It can be connected with computer to do the inspection by soft ware with USB expansion interface.


Test accuracy: Within 0.2△E*ab
Display: △E*ab; CIE_Lab; △L; △a; △b; CIE_Lch
Test range: L:0~100; a: -128~127; b: -128~127
Test time:  About 3 seconds
Test aperture: Ф8mm
Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes waiting
Light source: C light source
Sensor Correct: silicon photodiode (seed array)
Power: DC/5V (1.5A), two 1.5V (AAA) batteries
Operating environment: 0~+40℃; RH: less than 85%
Size: 170×50×48.8mm
Weight: 204g

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