Branch Distributor Brazing Machine

Main features:


– New Technology, this machine can replace the traditional welding method;
– Quick Heating, no warm-up, can instantly heated;
– Economize on Power, more than 95% thermal efficiency, and lower energy cost than other methods;
– Good Effect, welding evenly, the surface of the workpiece is bright and clean with good look, and no flaw;
– High Efficiency, the output up to 500-700 per hour by one worker;
– Easy Operation, can be setted the heating time and other parameters, automatic cycle operation;
– Low Cost, this machine can reduce labor costs and power costs that can improve production efficiency



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Capasitas Induksi Heater/ Pemanas Hemat Listrik / Heater Hemat Listik.

2,5Kw 1phase 220V      20kw 3phase 380V

5kw 3 phase 380V         30Kw 3phase 380

10kw 3phase 380V         50kw 3phase 380V

15kw 3phase 380V         100kw 3phase 380V

Peleburan Besi, Baja,Tembaga,Alumunium,Emas,Kuningan akan menjadi lebih hemat dan cepat menghemat biaya produksi.